Maine State Candlepin Bowling Proprietors Assocation
Candlepin Bowling
Mixed Doubles
Mixed Teams
All Events
Adult ? Youth
Junior Championships


Singles, Doubles
Mixed Doubles, Teams
Mixed Teams and
Adult Youth
$10.00 - 5 strings

Singles Newport Entertainment Ctr.
Newport, ME
Nov. 4,5
Doubles Vacationland Bowling Center
Saco, ME
Dec. 2,3
Bangor Brewer Lanes
Brewer, ME
Jan. 13,14
Hobbs Lucky Lanes
S. Paris, ME
Feb. 3,4
Big 20 Bowling Center
Scarboro, ME
Mar. 3,4

Saturday 1:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am

Colonial Bowling Center
Westbrook, ME
Mar 17,18
* Additional flights may be added if needed.
* Adult-Youth(in this category an adult must
be at least 18 years of age out of school.)
* Both Bowlers will have a handicap.
* A flight schedule must be filled before
adding and additional scheduled flights.
* A breakdown lane must be kept open if
there is a second scheduled flight that day.
* Entries must be in to host lanes by Friday,
prior to the scheduled event.


Division I Ages 9 and under
Division II Ages 10, 11, 12, 13
Division III Ages 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
(And still in high school)

All Bowlers must be in their proper age
brackets as of October 31, 2006

A JUNIOR BOWLER who participates in any Junior events during the year will not be eligible to in participate Adult events in that same year. Any person who has reached their 17th birthday and has not participated in a Junior event during Tournament season may enter a M.S.C.B.A. Inc. Sponsored event as long as they qualify according to all M.S.C.B.A. Inc. rules and regulations.

NOTICE: All bowlers are allowed to move to a higher age bracket for any double or team event.

PROPER DRESS CODE: All participants (Junior or Adult) must wear a bowling shirt with the house logo of their Center. Whether it be collared or tee-shirt. All clothing must be neat, clean and presentable. No sweat pants, painters pants, spandex or cut offs. No hats, caps or visors. No tank tops or muscle shirts. Dress shorts will be permitted. Improper dress will automatically cause disqualification.

UN-SPORTSMANSHIP CONDUCT: Any participant attempting to damage any bowling equipment by his/her actions or using conduct that is disruptive to the proper administration of any event sponsored by the M.S.C.B.A. shall receive a warning on the

first offense, and a zero shall be given for that frame. If a bowler commits a second offense of the above, he or she shall be pulled from that event and suspended, and a zero shall be given for that frame. A dummy score (average minus 10) shall be used on all Teams for the suspended bowler. Third offense will receive a written warning and inability to bowl the next stop. In any case where damage occurs by the result of the above to any equipment in host lanes, full restitution must be made for all damages. Bowlers failing to make restitution shall be suspended from bowling in any M.S.C.B.A. Inc. sponsored event until restitution is made.

ALL EVENTS: The highest total pin fall will be used to determine the ALL EVENTS winner in each division using the highest pin fall in four out of five tournaments. Adult-Youth Tournament will not be considered in determining the ALL EVENTS winners. High single will break a tie in all the other events.

HANDICAPPED DIVISIONS: All Junior Bowlers with a minimum of 15 strings in the current season will be eligible to compete and the Handicaps will be based on 90% of 130. You can not win both Scratch and Handicap awards in the same tournament.

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