Maine State Candlepin Bowling Proprietors Assocation
Candlepin Bowling
Mixed Doubles
Mixed Teams
For Men and Women
Wed 10:00 am - Thurs 1:00 pm
Cost is $15.00
  1. This tournament is open to any bowler who has reached his or her 60th birthday and has bowled at least 30 strings in a league in a M.S.C.B.P.A. member house.
  2. All entries must come through a member house and all averages must be verified by responsible personal of that member house.
  3. These tournaments are open to any bowler who has a current membership card in the M.S.C.B.P.A. and must be shown upon request of the Tournament Director. Cost of the membership card is $10.00 and shall be payable upon signing up for the initial tournament.
  4. Teams will be made up of 5 bowlers. Mixed Teams will be made up of 2 men and 2 women. All Team and Double bowlers must come from the same house.
  5. Bowlers must use their highest league average. If a bowler has an average recorded on the M.S.C.B.P.A. tournament computer sheet, that average must be used.
  6. PROPER DRESS CODE: All participants must wear a bowling shirt with the house logo of their Center. It may be collared or a tee-shirt. All clothes must be neat, clean and presentable. No sweat pants, spandex or cutoffs. No hats, caps or visors. No tank tops or muscle shirts. Dress shorts will be permitted. Improper dress will automatically cause disqualification.
  7. All Senior Tournament events will be governed by the rules put forth by the M.S.C.B.P.A. Rules and Committee and the Official I.C.B.A. Candlepin Rule Book. Foot fouls will be monitored and counted.
  8. Additional flights will be added if needed
  9. Bowlers who do not cancel by Monday prior to the scheduled event must pay their full entry fee.
  10. SPORTSMANSHIP RULE: Any participant attempting to damage any bowling equipment by his/her actions or using conduct that is disruptive to the proper administration of any event sponsored by the M.S.C.B.P.A. shall receive a warning on the first offense, and a zero shall be given for that frame. If a bowler commits a second offense of the above, he or she shall be pulled from the event and suspended, and a zero shall be given for that frame. A dummy score (average minus 10) shall be used on all Teams for the suspended bowler. Third offense will receive a written warning and inability to bowl the next stop. In any case where damage occurs by the result of the above to any equipment in host lanes, full restitution must be made for all damages. Bowlers failing to make restitution shall be suspended from bowling in any M.S.C.B.P.A. Inc. sponsored event until restitution is made.
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