Maine State Candlepin Bowling Proprietors Assocation
Candlepin Bowling
Mixed Doubles
Mixed Teams
Optional Singles
Elimination Standings
Elimination Brackets
Saturday 1:00 - Sunday 9:00 am & 1:00 pm
For 5 Person Teams the time will be 9:00 am & 1:30 pm
Shifts may be added or deleted as necessary.
  1. TO QUALIFY FOR THE eliminations you must bowl 40 strings in the Open Events. (Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Mixed Teams and Teams or Optional tournament)
  2. If a bowler bowls 50 strings, the computer person will drop either both 5 strings totals or a 10 string total, whichever is lower.
  3. All bowlers must name their house when buying their M.S.C.B.P.A. card. Bowlers must bowl at least one Adult League in that house. You must complete at least 2/3 of the league season. All Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Mixed Teams and Teams will come from the same house.
  4. DRESS CODE: All participants must wear a bowling shirt with the house logo of their Center. It may be collared or a tee-shirt. All clothes must be neat, clean and presentable. No sweat pants, spandex or cutoffs. No hats, caps or visors. No tank tops or muscle shirts. Dress shorts will be permitted. Improper dress will automatically cause disqualification.
  5. UN-SPORTSMAN LIKE CONDUCT: Any participant attempting to damage any bowling equipment by his/her actions or using conduct that is disruptive to the proper administration of any event sponsored by the M.S.C.B.P.A. shall receive a warning on the first offense, and a zero shall be given for that frame. If a bowler commits a second offense of the above, he or she shall be pulled from the event and suspended, and a zero shall be given for that frame. A dummy score (average minus 10) shall be used on all Teams for the suspended bowler. Third offense will receive a written warning and inability to bowl the next stop. In any case where damage occurs by the result of the above to any equipment in host lanes, full restitution must be made for all damages. Bowlers failing to make restitution shall be suspended from bowling in any M.S.C.B.P.A. Inc. sponsored event until restitution is made.
  6. PRORIETOR'S ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL BOWLERS CALLED IN. Cancellations can be made no later than Monday prior to the scheduled event. If a cancellation has not been made by that time, the bowler owns that spot and must pay the full amount of the entry fee if he/she does not show up. If the spot can be filled by the Tournament Director prior to the schedules event, the bowler will then be relived of the responsibility of paying for that spot. The Director shall maintain a Stand-By list.
  7. These tournaments are open to any bowler who has a current membership card in the M.S.C.B.P.A. and must be shown upon request of the Tournament Director. Cost of the membership is $10.00 and shall be payable upon signing up for your initial tournament. A new bowler entering a Tournament for the first time must have at least 30 league strings in a member house.
  8. All entries are to be called in by the bowler's proprietor. It is still the bowler's responsibility to know his or her time.
  9. Bowlers pay the Proprietor of the house in which the tournament is held for each tournament.
  10. The Proprietor shall be the supervisor and representative of the M.S.C.B.P.A. for all sponsored tournaments.
  11. All tournaments will be governed by the I.C.B.A. Rule Book.
  12. Once a lane has been drawn by a bowler, there will be no changing of lanes. NOTE: Lane drawings will be held 1/2 hour before schedules flight time. If a bowler is not on hand for drawing, a lane will be assigned to late bowlers. LATE COMERS: Bowlers failing to show up before the Director fills in the open slots by moving bowlers around prior to starting must forfeit their entry fee unless an opening is available on a later flight. Late bowlers can not bowl once a ball has been rolled in that flight.
  13. Flight scheduling will be done on a "First Come-First Serve" basis.
  14. All prize money will be mailed out by the M.S.C.B.P.A. Treasurer to the winners upon verification of all scores.
  15. Prize money will be distributed according to the number of entries in each event.
  16. If a tie occurs for any position, high single or team single will be used to break all ties.
  17. Flights may be added or cancelled depending on the number of entries at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  18. Only 20 bowlers qualify for the Eliminations. The first round pairing will be determined by the M.S.C.B.P.A. schedule. First two rounds will be 5 strings matches. All other rounds will be 10 string matches. Ties for any position will be broken by high 10 string total.
  19. Bowlers may bowl just for strings if it is totally impossible to find bowlers to bowl within a given event. This is not to be abused and must be accepted by the M.S.C.B.P.A. Board.
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