APH Finals

The M.S.C.B.P.A is administered by the Proprietors of Bowling Centers within the State of Maine who are interested in promoting and organizing the sport of candlepin bowling. The M.S.C.B.P.A promotes, organizes and conducts tournaments for the members of the Association. The M.S.C.B.P.A is dedicated to maintaining the sport of Candlepin Bowing’s integrity and popularity. It provides quality programs and leadership to enhance its members' enjoyment, pride, and involvement in the sport. The M.S.C.B.P.A is committed to the principles of Sportsmanship.

The M.S.C.B.P.A works with its Member Centers and bowlers to promote bowling and encourage increased participation in the sport of within the State of Maine. Every effort will be made to continually put information that bowlers would like to see on the Web site. To accomplish this goal, we need and value your feedback. Please use this E-Mail link or one of those listed on the contact us page to let us know how we can serve you better.

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