Maine State Candlepin Bowling Proprietors Assocation
Candlepin Bowling
How Averages are Computed

A new bowler is assigned an ID number and given a starting average based on their highest league average for 30 or more strings in the bowling center where they purchased their Association Membership Card. The bowler is given a theoretical 50 strings at that average. Each time the bowler bowls in an APH, Senior, Open, or Pro Tour event the oldest strings are dropped and the new ones added. The new total is divided by 50 to compute the new average.

For bowlers participating in the APH spring finals a different method is used for adjusting a bowler's average. This is due to the fact that all strings are bowled in the same house, bowled in a short time frame, not all houses score the same, and if a bowler bowls in all the events (40 strings) his average would nearly be an average for that house. Therefore, the bowler's total score for the APH spring finals is divided by the total number of strings bowled in the spring finals. This average is multiplied by 10 and used as 1 ten string event in figuring their new average.

SANDBAGGING: If a bowler bowls more than 40 pins lower than his average in a 5 string event or 80 pins in a 10 string event the score to compute their average is based on their average multiplied by the number of strings bowled minus 40 in 5 string events or minus 80 in a 10 string event.

As long as a bowler bowls in at least one event each year their average is carried over from year to year. If they don't, their names are dropped from the computer. If they participate again then they are given a new ID number and starting average like a new bowler. The averages are only changed at the end of each month due to the many events each month and because bowlers can participate in more than one event each month.


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